Story Edit

Walpurgis is a tavern dancer who supplements her income using magic to heal and tell fortunes. After many years of living without memories, she finally recalls her own name and the smile of a boy from her childhood. She now dreams of meeting him again.

Stats Edit

Number 0211 Name 0211 Walpurgis the Demon Eye
Rarity **** Weapon Rod Element Dark
Initial HP 1250 Initial AT 800 Initial RE 1300
Maximum HP ??? Maximum AT ??? Maximum RE ???
Maximum Lv ??? Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Darkness Guard - -10% damage from Dark enemies
Limit Skill N/A
Active Skill Darkness Force II (Souls: 3) - Launches a Dark attack of 12,000 ATK
Panel Skill N/A
Evolution From 091 Walpurgis Schwarz
Evolution After N/A
Evolution Cost

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